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To meet the animals in the wild with humility and to see the predators hunting and being chased away at the same time as myself can be a prey is a special feeling.


To me, birds are more than just feather flax. Seeing them in close-up and how they interact between each other and living in symbiosis across species boundaries is fantastic.


The rolling landscape in sunset with playing crickets and the breeze caressing trees, bushes and flowers in tact is beautiful to behold


Seeing the power of the sea and feeling the smell of salt water and seaweed mixed with the song of the sea is a fantastic feeling together with infinity over an open sea.


Getting the benefit of gliding into the little, little world and seeing how our insects and flowers look in close-up and how their lives work is a great experience.


Photography of action or in studio or at events and other forms of assignments is something I like to do with great passion.