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About me...

My name is Jenny Pettersson and I have been photographing since I was 12 years old. My photographic journey started with an Instamatic camera using flash cubes and film loaded in a cassette, which needed to be sent for developing, which took a long time.

A few years later, in my younger teens I ended up by chance at a lecture on natural values that existed in the Hansta area in Sweden, which forms part of the North Järva field and which was then intended to become a new built-up district. I think it was the Nature Conservation Association that held the lecture and they presented a slideshow of nature pictures taken within the area which showed the natural values that were there. That experience completely blew my mind, so after the slide show I had only one thing in my head, no way should such a beautiful natural area be disturbed by buildings! Luckily it did not become a built-up area, and Hansta eventually became a Nature Reserve that is now well-visited.
There and then my interest in nature photography was established! And being in my teens and with hormones jumping and armed with only a pocket camera, the results were not particularly exhibition quality, but the seed was sown…

t the age of 20 I acquired a system camera and a whole world of possibilities opened up, with my own slideshows presented for tormented acquaintances and relatives, I offered varying picture successes.
The years went by and digital technology made its entrance even for photographers and I bought a regular digital pocket camera to document family and travel, but soon tired of this, -I longed for the benefits of the system camera, but the prices were sky-high . Eventually, I was able to afford to acquire one in 2005, and the wonderful system camera's capabilities in digital vintage were at my disposal with a “smorgasbord” of possibilities at hand!
About 5 years ago, I took a course in nature photography, and that course completely knocked me out again and made me realize that photography was what I would spend most of my free time on, and since then I have been doing with passion!

My desire is that my pictures show the beauty of nature and illustrate the spectacle of nature which happens every second with changing light, waving leaves, the whisper of the forest, the noise of the waterfall and the incredible interaction that takes place between the animals that live there and how they interact or compete with each other to establish a harmony in cooperation and survival in finding food and sanctuary. In many respects a simpler but more brutal life than we humans live, and a so much more vulnerable life that we humans can so easily destroy.
Nature and the environment are our future, and of utmost importance to safeguard and be concerned about.

Warm nature greetings